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Animals on our farm

There's a lot going on here...

Many animals live on our farm, which is especially exciting for families with children. And the opportunity to look over the farmer's or farmer's wife's shoulder while working in the stables or fields is a very special experience.

Our farm fulfils the highest animal welfare standards, all cattle receive daily exercise all year round. From June to September, our cows and young animals are on the alpine pasture for their "summer retreat". In mid-August, the first high-bearing dairy cows come home to the farm. They can then be found either on the lush pastures or in the stable. The cows calve with a focus on September - November, so the calves can already spend the summer on the alp. With a bit of luck, you can even witness the birth of a calf.

In addition, everyone is welcome to visit us in the barn in the evenings from 4:30 pm. You can look over the farmer's shoulder while he is milking and working in the barn. In any case, it will be interesting for you to see how our high-quality hay milk is produced and "originates", so to speak.

For the little guests:
With us, your child will come into informal contact with the farm animals and learn a lot about their way of life. Of course, children enjoy our petting zoo, where the tomcat "Poldi" with his cat friends "Mausi" and "Seppi" and rabbits, chickens and our dwarf goats wait curiously to see who will spoil them with cuddles.

It is definitely an experience to collect the freshly laid eggs from our happy chickens together with the farmer's wife Maria.

We look forward to seeing you!